The SEC has a 10-game, conference-only schedule. With no lesser opponents and no “Cupcake Week,” it has been difficult for coaches to prepare for each opponent.

It’s also difficult for a player, even if that player is Heisman frontrunner Mac Jones.

This week, Jones spoke with FOX Sports analyst Matt Leinart about the unique challenges of preparing for so many SEC defenses in a row (via 247Sports):

“I always tell everyone on our team, and they would definitely agree, that they’ve never been through anything like this where we play six games in a row,” Jones said. “So like last week, we are just trying to win the game. We don’t even realize, because we have such expectations, that was a great defense that we went against. Sometimes, maybe in past years, maybe that would be a different type of team we played. But every week we look up, and it’s like, ‘these guys are goons on defense!’ So every week we just have to be ready, and that’s taxing. But that’s a challenge that we’ve expected.

“It’s a lot easier to lose this year when each week you are playing a team that will give you their best shot. We have to bring our best, we’ve been doing that and we just have to continue to do that.”

Alabama has this week off to regroup, but a tough test against a feisty LSU offense looms large next weekend.

Will Jones continue to play like a Heisman-level quarterback? The extra week to prepare for the Tigers will probably help him.