Alabama QB Mac Jones has become known for his competitive fire at times, and he shared during an interview with ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit that it’s traced to his family’s tennis roots.

During a segment on “QB 21 with Kirk Herbstreit,” Jones and Herbstreit discussed how to manage that competitive edge without it going over the line.

“I was so competitive, even with my family on a Sunday when we were going out to the clay courts and playing tennis,” Jones said. “I would get so mad if I lost.”

Herbstreit replied, “It’s good to have that fire.”

Replied Jones, “My Dad would never get on but he was like, ‘Be competitive, but don’t let it fully control you.'”

Herbstreit said, “I’d rather have you too competitive and have to pull it back than not care.”

Jones said he believes there’s a misconception about him at times, even with Alabama coach Nick Saban.

“Early on, I would get pissed if someone ran the wrong route,” Jones said. “‘What are you doing man?”

Herbstreit noted that he doesn’t usually see that from a young quarterback.

“That has a lot of impressive people around him, usually (he’s) a little timid,” Herbstreit said, and Jones agreed.