Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa is not only in the conversation to be a Heisman Trophy finalist, but he’s often discussed as a high draft prospect for the NFL.

That doesn’t mean he is without flaws, and during a conversation on College Football Live, ESPN analyst Marcus Spears outlined why he believes Tagovailoa is his an overrated NFL prospect.

“Let’s contextualize this before everyone loses their mind,” Spears said on College Football Live, at about the 5:20 mark of the video below. “I want to see Tua deliver, healthy, against the defenses that he played down the stretch and struggled with. He had six picks against all of the top tier defenses that he played against. Some of that was with his eyes. Some of that was trying to do too much like he’s mentioned himself, and coming back into a season where taking what the defense is going to give him, or put him in a better situation.”

Tagovailoa last season had 43 touchdowns and six interceptions, and had 11 TDs and two picks in 2017. But to Spears’ point, he had two interceptions each against Clemson and Georgia, and also had an interception each against LSU and Mississippi State.

“There are only four to five games possibly, in a schedule in college, where you really prove that you’re elite,” Spears said. “I want to see Tua have a better four-game stretch than he had against top-tier defenses last year.”