Minkah Fitzpatrick addressed the hit that ended former Georgia RB and current Browns star Nick Chubb’s season in Week 2.

Fitzpatrick went for a tackle on Chubb near the goal line and ended up gruesomely injuring Chubb this past Monday on MNF. Let’s just say it didn’t take an expert to deduce that Chubb would be out the entire season mere seconds after the hit.

Fitzpatrick, a former Alabama standout and a star in the NFL himself, assured reporters and by extension NFL fans that the hit was not meant to injure Chubb, despite him going low. Fitzpatrick instead claims that anyone who knows Chubb knows you can’t just tackle him high. It simply won’t bring him down.

He went into further detail Thursday. Here’s his full comment on the matter:

It’s pretty unfortunate that Fitzpatrick even felt the need to address the narrative that he went into the hit with ill-will towards Chubb. Sometimes football is just football, folks.

It is very unfortunate for Chubb, of course. The former Bulldog already has some history with his left knee, it being the same knee he tore 3 ligaments in back in 2015 against Tennessee in Knoxville.