College football appears to be on life support, with reports that the Big Ten will cancel the season.

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey, however, sent a message Monday saying that he will be patient to make any decision about this fall. That’s a clear message to the Big Ten that it won’t push around the SEC.

Looking at COVID-19, administrators and decision-makers are concerned about the liability that COVID-19 presents. Interestingly, ESPN spoke to Nick Saban and Alabama players about their concerns. Star running back Najee Harris told the outlet that he’d be willing to sign a waiver to agree not to sue the university if he contracted the virus.

Harris told ESPN that he would be willing to sign a waiver and agree not to sue the university if he were to contract the virus. He was part of a Zoom call on Sunday that included approximately 30 key players from all of the Power 5 conferences. He said the overwhelming sentiment was that they wanted to play as long as all of the conferences followed the same testing protocol and that players wishing to opt out would not lose their scholarships.

Harris also told the outlet that he feels much safer on campus than at home.

That’s obviously big news and one that decision-makers could get behind in order to embrace having a season.

The players have learned they have a voice, and it appears the 2020 season is only on life support and not completely dead due to their voices and the #WeWantToPlay movement.