Alabama’s Najee Harris is getting further acclimated to the NFL this weekend at the Pittsburgh Steelers’ rookie minicamp.

But after a recent workout, he quickly learned that the media was on hand to watch the practice, something that wasn’t the case for any length of time at Alabama.

The No. 24 overall pick discovered that members of the media are allowed to view some practices and were stationed on a balcony overlooking the field.

“Man, I thought y’all was boosters,” Harris said. “What the hell? That’s crazy.”

Harris made a one-handed catch during the workout, and was asked about it, and if that kind of play was why he went back to Alabama last season for another year.

“I always do that,” he said after briefly recovering from being surprised. “Not to brag or nothing, but it’s like, it wasn’t luck, I can tell you that, since y’all was watching, I’ll do it again. Nah, I’m going to get in trouble. But it’s not something I work on, it’s been something I’ve been doing since middle school. I’ve got big hands, man.”