Nick Saban is arguably the greatest coach in the history of college football.

Having won 7 national championships across his 3 stops, Saban has built himself up to legendary status on the field. He has also built special relationships with his players. One of those is current Pittsburgh Steelers RB Najee Harris.

Appearing on the podcast Not Just Football with Cam Heyward, Harris told a long story about he and Saban became best friends.

Harris shared that he wasn’t the stereotypical player at Alabama, and there was somewhat of a transition for he and Saban.

“Me and Saban have a special relationship. I can be hard-headed and Saban I guess wasn’t used to that. He was used to ‘Yes sir’ and that, but I talk back. Something must have happened and he said something to me so I said something back to him kinda, like, angrily. He kinda looked at me weird, had some conversation, and we go our separate ways. Another incident happens and I got into a fight at practice, then another fight, and then another. He was like (expletive) 22 it’s always you. Next time you get into a fight, you’re leaving practice. Another incident happened where we got into another argument but after that one, we became best friends.”