Former NFL official and NBC “Sunday Night Football” rules expert Terry McAulay is keeping a close eye on the College Football Playoff semifinal between Alabama and Cincinnati.

The Crimson Tide have dominated the Bearcats through 1 half of play as running back Brian Robinson Jr. gained more yards on offense than the entire Cincinnati team. That, in part, allowed Nick Saban’s team to go into the locker room with a 17-3 advantage.

But McAulay feels that the Tide may be benefiting from the actions of Bryce Young, specifically his motions prior to the snap of the football. McAulay thinks that the Young has gotten away with several false starts as a result, as you can see from his 2 tweets below:

We’ll have to see if the officiating crew cracks down on this during the 2nd half. In Young’s defense, he’s not the only player that does it, but perhaps McAulay has a point.

For Cincinnati’s part, though, it has much more pressing matters to worry about as its run defense has done little to stop Brian Robinson Jr. And the Tide’s reliance on the run likely won’t change in the 2nd half.