Mac Jones may still go No. 3 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft but the Alabama quarterback apparently does not have that locked up at this point.

That’s the latest info from NFL Media’s insider Ian Rapoport, who recently shared the latest information he had on the upcoming draft during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show.

The way Rapoport tells it, San Francisco has not made its decision yet and is still doing its due diligence on Jones, Trey Lance and Justin Fields.

“They’re going to do the thing where they evaluate everyone,” Rapoport says in the clip below. “I believe there is a leader in the clubhouse. I don’t know who, although the conventional wisdom is that it’s Mac Jones, but I know there’s been no final decision. I believe Trey Lance would also be heavily in the conversation in San Fran, so we’ll see which way they go.

“Probably the most interesting quarterback decision we’ve seen in some time, especially if it’s Mac Jones, who I think some people view is more of a mid to late first-rounder.”

Here is the clip, which was recently shared by Pat McAfee: