Could Julio Jones’s time in Atlanta be coming to an end?

You can’t completely rule it out according to NFL insider Albert Breer.

During a recent appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, Breer was asked to share what he was hearing on the speculation that the Falcons could be shopping Julio Jones leading up to the 2021 NFL Draft.

The way Breer sees it, Jones could be dealt if the Falcons are offered the right price.

“It depends on what the Falcons are offered. I mean, I think for a first-round pick, they’d move him,” Breer said on the show. “And I think they could agree to a deal this week. I know, like logistically, they couldn’t execute it until June 1. I think if somebody came along with a first-round pick (they would make that deal).”

While making a deal like this a few months out would be unusual, it’s previously happened in the NFL, as Breer pointed out.

“It’s not all that different than, you know, the Lions and the Rams agreeing to the Matthew Stafford deal in January and then executing in March,” Breer added.

Having said all that, Breer believes Atlanta would prefer to keep Jones on the roster and add Kyle Pitts to make the team’s dangerous offense even more lethal.

“My guess, right now, would be the Falcons are going to take Kyle Pitts and I think, if they had their druthers, they would keep Julio Jones and throw Kyle Pitts into an offense with Julio and Calvin Ridley and three first round picks in the offensive line and Matt Ryan,” Breer stated.

The only issue could be cap space, which is currently an issue in Atlanta.