Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes saw the news of the serious and possible season-ending injury to Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa.

“Prayers up,” Mahomes tweeted, “hope this is just a minor setback in a bright future!”

When Tagovailoa failed to get up off the field at Mississippi State, Alabama’s training staff carted him off the field. He was then escorted out fo Davis-Wade Stadium by ambulance and flown back to Alabama by helicopter.

Mahomes, one of the young stars of the NFL, has missed time himself this season with a foot injury. But he knows a star quarterback when he sees one, and like most college football fans, was upset to see Tagovailoa injured.

According to Aaron Suttles of The Athletic, Tagovailoa is out for the season.

Tagovailoa’s injury was announced as a hip injury and it came a week after he returned from suffering an ankle injury that kept him out since the Tennessee game until he returned to play LSU.

Many fans hope to see Tagovailoa in the NFL, and they, like Mahomes, hope that’s still the case as he recovers from this latest injury.