Sunday marks the final day of the NFL season, making Monday the league’s unofficial “Black Monday.” This is the day when disappointed teams make decisions on head coaches and send them packing or keep them around for another year.

There will be a few potential NFL head coaching jobs that open up that could come calling for college coaches.

None ever gets more focus and attention than Nick Saban. And one team already seems poised at least to make Saban say no.

NFL Network reports if the Indianapolis Colts fire Chuck Pagano, they are expected to at least inquire about Saban’s interest in the job:

This does not mean Saban would take the job, but it would appear to mean Saban is on the short list for the Colts should they make a coaching change. Surely a few other NFL teams will think the same. And Saban will have to say no at the very least.

Saban did not have a ton of success in his NFL foray with the Miami Dolphins. Since his return to the college game, he has built Alabama into a powerhouse. The Crimson Tide will be playing in their fourth national championship game in the last seven years. And there appears to be no slowing the Alabama train down.

There are also no indications Saban wants to make a move back up to the NFL.

The one thing the Colts have that Saban’s Dolphins teams did not have was a reliable quarterback. Having someone like Andrew Luck to coach at the NFL level could be enough to entice Saban. You would think it would make him at least think.

One thing is for sure, the NFL offers are going to come for Saban. And if he wants it, there may not be a better opportunity than this Colts team. The decision is up to him.