Nick Saban spoke openly Thursday about the Wonderlic, an aptitude test given to players before the NFL draft, and admitted to cheating a bit when it came to assisting with scores.

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Saban justified giving players he wanted to select extra help because he wanted to “create opportunities” he says.

“I hate to admit it now, but if I really liked a player, I would actually take the test out, look at it, tutor the guy a little bit, alright, before he took it,” Saban said. “Maybe lose a few minutes on the timing part of it, so he had a little extra time… and they would do better. We were trying to create opportunities then, just like we’re trying to create opportunities for people now.”


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Saban has coached for three different NFL franchises — the Houston Oilers, Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins — but didn’t mention when this happened or how many times.

Are you surprised he openly admitted this?