Nick Saban made a big splash on social media recently, and it was primarily because of a recruiting visit to his home, and Saban starting his Ferrari.

Saban on Friday on “The Pat McAfee Show” recalled how the event unfolded.

“I don’t know, they all want to drive it,” Saban said of recruits. “Look, I got kind of hoodwinked into that. We always have the guys visiting over to the house for breakfast on Sunday morning, and they walk out, and they see the car, and ohh and ahh about the car. They said, ‘Why don’t you start it up so we can see what it sounds like?’ So I went and got the keys and started it up, I didn’t know the guy was going to video it and it was going to go viral, but that’s the way it goes. We had the parents over on Saturday night, and they’d be much more interested if they saw me line dancing.”

After McAfee noted that the more he learns about Saban, the more he likes him, and Saban mentioned that many things he learned from growing up in West Virginia helps him today.

“Everybody, no matter where they come from, what their social economic background is, because there a lot of good people in West Virginia, and I learned a lot of good lessons growing up, and obviously being in competitive sports since the time I was 9 years old, I had some great coaches and good mentors, and they all helped,” Saban said.