Sounds like Pete Golding may have the hottest seat in Tuscaloosa at the moment.

While Alabama managed to hang on and eventually win in Oxford, the final score of the game, 63-48, was unlike anything we’ve ever seen from one of Saban’s defenses in Tuscaloosa.

The 111 points scored in the game are the most ever in a regular-season SEC game that did not go into overtime and the 1,370 yards of total offense are the most ever in a single SEC contest.

How did Saban handle the shootout on the sidelines?

“I’m not really calm,” Saban said in his postgame press conference.

“We didn’t do anything well. We didn’t stop the run. We gave up some plays in the back end.

“We’ve never played this way on defense. It’s certainly not what we aspire to be as a defensive team, and we’re gonna work hard with our players.”

Next weekend, 3-0 Alabama hosts 3-0 Georgia.