Nick Saban’s offense has seen improvement over the course of the season, and it’s been a direct correlation to both the offensive line and Jalen Milroe’s development.

Saban believes his offensive line has continued to get better each week after a rocky start to the season.

“We’re playing better. I think we make steady improvement,” Saban said during his press conference Monday. “I think the improvement has come from better communication, better technical execution, from a technique standpoint, hand placement, foot placement, that kind of stuff. I think all those things have helped. I think pass protection has improved, but that’s something that we need to continue to improve on.”

Milroe has improved both as a passer and as a runner in his first season as Alabama’s starter. He had some shakey performances early, but has come into his own and has played great down the stretch.

“I think Jalen is obviously someone that has great capabilities as a runner,” Saban said. “I think he’s been pretty effective in his choices of when to step up in the pocket, when to run, when he has an opportunity to make a play and when he doesn’t. But I think the thing he’s developed is the ability to keep his eyes down the field and make plays in the passing game, even when the pocket breaks down. And I think he’s been an effective runner for us when we’ve had perimeter plays that involve reads on his part to get to the perimeter.”

Milroe has recorded 2,267 yards and 19 touchdowns on the season. He’s looking for a big game to close out the season against Auburn on Saturday.