Alabama coach Nick Saban’s coaching future seems to come up several times a year, whether it’s around his birthday, or before or after a national championship.

Well-known oddsmaker and USA Today analyst Danny Sheridan two months ago said the 69-yeard-old Saban would coach until at least 80 years old. But at the end of his A-Day press conference on Saturday, Saban gave an expansive answer about the factors he considers when thinking about his coaching future.

“Coach Saban’s here as long as Coach Saban can make a contribution to the team in a positive way, and that’s my commitment to the organization, the university and the players,” Saban said. “If I felt like I couldn’t do the job, for whatever reasons, then I think it would be time for somebody else to do it. So that answers that question.”

Truth be told, Saban looks at every aspect of his life as an incremental process.

“I don’t have a crystal ball, and the way I try to approach things is very process-oriented, OK,” he said. “What do we need to do tomorrow, the next day and the day after to continue to make progress and make good choices and decisions about what we do with our team, our roster, how we develop the players that we have, how we recruit players that are gonna help us in the future. So all those things are a work in progress on a daily basis. And we like to focus on, not the outcome necessarily, a’ight, but all the things that we need to do to get the outcome, and we’re stay focused on that as much as we can.”

These comments begin at about 8:55 in the video below: