Alabama added just three players to its 2020 class on National Signing Day, but don’t tell Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban that Wednesday was a “slow” day for recruiting.

Saban was not amused by a media member starting his question, “Today wasn’t a very busy day for you guys, just in terms of signatures coming in…” He responded by first offering an explanation for why it could not have been a busy day.

“Did you guys take math?” Saban said. “Did you have math class? Did you learn how to add when you did have math class? Twenty-two and three make 25. Is that what we expected? We could only sign three guys, that’s what we expected – based on math.”

The NCAA limits programs to 25 initial counters per recruiting class. Many teams, however, sign more than 25 recruits in a class by back counting some signees to previous classes. Alabama officially enrolled 27 members of the 2019 class and 29 members of the 2017 class, per 247Sports.

Saban then detailed that he was in fact busy recruiting for the 2021 class.

“But it was a very busy day, aight, because the calendar is moved up, aight. So, we spent our whole day today really on next year’s recruiting. I think I talked to 22 guys today, and I think I talked to 14 guys yesterday, aight. So, it was very busy. In fact, by the end of the day today, I was stuttering on the phone and having a tough time speaking clearly. That’s how busy it was.

“It wasn’t busy in terms of how many guys we signed, but we had lots to do.”

“The Paul Finebaum Show” shared a video of the exchange on Twitter.