By now, everyone knows about Nick Saban’s angry response to ESPN report Maria Taylor’s postgame question about Alabama’s quarterbacks following the Crimson Tide’s win over Louisville on Saturday night.

Saban called Taylor to apologize and also admitted he could have handled it better.

On Tuesday, Saban showed he could laugh at his own mistakes, too. When a group of eight police officers visited his office, he had a hilarious response (via

“Is this about the interview?” Saban quipped to the group.

According to the report, the officers were not there to arrest Saban for being mean. Instead, it was to present him with a 2017 National Championship badge:

The Executive Board of the Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police that went to Tuscaloosa to present Saban with his Commemorative 2017 National Championship Badge. It is a gesture they make when Auburn University or the University of Alabama wins the collegiate championship.

It’s good to see everyone is laughing off the situation, and Saban actually does seem to have a good sense of humor when he’s not answering questions he doesn’t want to answer.