Lane Kiffin has been known to throw a jab or two Nick Saban’s way but he also knows you have to be careful not to poke the GOAT in Tuscaloosa.

Following Jimbo Fisher’s recent comments during a Wednesday appearance at the Houston Touchdown Club, Kiffin likely got a good laugh after hearing what the Texas A&M coach said but he also cautioned his fellow SEC West coach to be careful when it comes to motivating Alabama.

If you missed it, Fisher was asked if he is waiting out Saban’s coaching career during his appearance at the Houston Touchdown Club. The Texas A&M coach said he doesn’t want to see his friend and former boss retire anytime soon. He then also added this playful comment.

“We’re going to beat his ass when he’s there, don’t worry,” Fisher said in reference to Saban. The Texas A&M coach was quick to point out he is friends with Saban and has great respect for the job being done in Tuscaloosa.

But those comments don’t make for headlines and Kiffin is well aware that Jimbo likely fueled the fire that is Alabama football.

Check out what Kiffin had to say in response on Thursday morning.