Leave it to Lane Kiffin to have some fun at another SEC coach’s expense following Father’s Day, as the Ole Miss coach did just that recently to Kirby Smart.

While it’s all in good fun — Kiffin and Smart have been known to exchange messages regularly during the offseason — the Ole Miss coach likely hit his friend where it really hurts.

Keep in mind, Kiffin has previously revealed he’s in a group text thread with Smart, Jeremy Pruitt and Will Muschamp.

“We’re in a group text,” Kiffin said during an appearance on The Paul Finebaum Show. “Me, Kirby, Jeremy and Will… It’s a pretty interesting chat.”

During that appearance, Kiffin noted that all four of the coaches share the same “father” in Nick Saban.

“Yeah, we all have the same father,” Kiffin said when asked what the four coaches in the text thread all have in common.

Roughly a year later, Kiffin let it be known that the joke is still running as he recently posted this photoshopped image of Saban holding his “son” Kirby Smart: