While the biggest story surrounding Nick Saban and Alabama may have been the QBs entering Saturday’s opener against Louisville, Saban’s reaction after the game to Maria Taylor is what everyone is talking about.

Saban was asked a legitimate QB question by Taylor on the field immediately following the game, and he jumped all over her. Taylor handled it well and immediately pivoted to another question.

Finebaum joined SportsCenter early Sunday morning to discuss Saturday’s results, and he sounded off on Saban’s rant to Taylor, calling it “classless.”

“First of all, it was a perfectly legitimate question asked by an outstanding reporter in a non-threatening way,” Finebaum said. “This was not contentious. This was not in your face. And for Nick Saban on that stage to treat Maria Taylor like that is totally classless. He does not rule the world. He is a football coach at the University of Alabama. He might be the best coach in college football and best coach of all time, but when he continues to treat people like that, he loses. It was totally classless.”

Finebaum later called Saban a bully, too.

Following the exchange, Taylor released a statement via Twitter about the incident.

If Saban is going to react like that to a simple question from Taylor, it’s going to be a long year for Alabama’s head coach. Sure, Saban was upset at his players for giving up some late TDs and committing stupid penalties, but he’s got to hold it together better than what he did.

Alabama trashed Louisville 51-14 Saturday to start the season 1-0.