Paul Finebaum has already gone on record picking Alabama to win the next college football national championship. The SEC Network host recently shared some insight into why he’s so confident in that prediction.

During his latest Monday morning appearance on Birmingham-based WJOX 94.5 FM program “The Roundtable,” Finebaum was asked to shed some insight into the mind of Nick Saban during this unprecedented college football offseason.

The way Finebaum put it, Saban may be going through some mixed emotions as the coach is doing everything he can to be prepared to make another title run but acknowledges all those efforts could be in vain if the college football season cannot be played.

“I did talk to him a couple weeks ago and I will tell you, and I’m not trying to be a psychologist, I’m not, but I detected on one level a resolve, but on another level a little bit of just exhaustion of the circumstances right now,” Finebaum said during his appearance. “And what I mean by that is, that, he knows that the clock is ticking and if he doesn’t get a full season, he knows that’s another [lost] opportunity [to win another national championship] and I think most people connected to that program will tell you that this Alabama team has national championship written all over it.

“I mean it’s, yeah there’s debate about the quarterback, but not really. I mean, they have two really strong quarterbacks, even though we haven’t seen one in [true freshman] Bryce Young. And so I think that has to be weighing on him.”

The way Finebaum views it, there hasn’t been a coach adjust on the fly as well as Saban this offseason. Alabama’s “controversial” Apple Watch saga showed the level of creativity in Tuscaloosa under Saban’s leadership this offseason.

“On the other side, you know, while everyone was in shock on March 12 — when Alabama shut down and everyone else did, too — Nick Saban didn’t go home that night and check out the Netflix library. I’m pretty certain that he came up with a game plan immediately,” Finebaum continued. “In fact, the very first thing – by the next day, he had already put into place the Apple Watch caper as we all know.

“That’s great to do that, four days later. He was having people run out and line up Apple Watches that day, because he was already thinking ahead. and I would be shocked if Nick Saban was not at the very front of the line when it came to coaches who took advantage of the opportunity of no spring – not the opportunity of no spring football but to make the most out of this down period.”

There’s no telling how many more title runs Saban has in him at Alabama but this could be the best shot the Crimson Tide have at winning it all before the rest of the SEC catches up to the Alabama machine and Finebaum believes the coach desperately wants to cement his legacy sooner rather than later.

“Nick Saban still is burning for another title — I know you guys hear that,” Finebaum concluded. “He’s not going to admit but it’s essential I think for him to get one more and then there’s nobody left in the conversation [for greatest college football coach of all time].”