Nick Saban doesn’t normally like to see his players jumping over defenders, but it sounds like he’s willing to make an exception for Alabama RB Najee Harris.

The junior running back made a play that has to be the early leader for hurdle of the year in Week 3 against South Carolina. Harris’ knack for going airborne to get out of the way came on Saban’s weekly radio show.

“We haven’t been big fans really – for safety purposes – of Najee (Harris) jumping over people,” Saban said on Thursday night’s ‘Hey Coach.’ “But I guess when you have success doing it… I had a coach once that said you can break any rule to win the game.”

“But I do think Najee had his best game,” Saban added.

Harris’ highlight play helped Alabama to a 47-23 win in Columbia, South Carolina.

Crimson Tide fans might remember that back in August, Harris admitted he needed to cut out hurdles for his own safety. When even Saban is letting him “break” that rule, the hurdles might be here to stay.