Due to testing positive for COVID-19 this past week, Alabama coach Nick Saban wasn’t able to be on the sidelines for the Crimson Tide’s 42-13 Iron Bowl win over Auburn.

He was watching from afar, and you know that means he was frustrated at times when things didn’t go according to how he thought they should.

After the game, Saban spoke with the media and joked about the things that made him yell at the TV:

“I think I did yell at the TV a couple times today,” Saban said. “A couple times when we made some mistakes in coverage. A couple times when we missed some tackles. A couple times when Mac didn’t throw the ball to the guy I thought he should have thrown it to (laughs). So, I guess it was more than a couple.”

It remains to be seen if Saban will be cleared to return to the sidelines next week. He’ll likely miss a couple of days of practice at the beginning of this week, regardless.

At least that gives Mac Jones a bit more time to circle all the Heisman rankings where he’s No. 1 to show his coach so he doesn’t get yelled at when Saban returns.