Nick Saban’s never been a fan of flash, especially at Alabama where tradition reigns supreme.

Saban was asked Thursday night during his weekly radio appearance if the Crimson Tide would ever push the envelope and wear alternate uniforms in a game.

He gawked at the idea.

“I’m such a traditionalist,” Saban said. “Everybody has an idea or what Alabama football players are supposed to look like when they come out of the tunnel. In terms of the uniform that they wore, and the uniform that we wear. And that’s not a tradition that I think anybody has a right to mess with.”

Alabama’s donned minor alterations during Saban’s tenure including the addition of various baselayer apparel and a diamond swoosh in last season’s semifinal appearance, but the recognizable Crimson and White on gamedays has remained unchanged, much to Nike’s chagrin.

Alternate uniforms are used as a primary recruiting tool at several major Power 5 programs, but athletes who sign with Alabama, according to Saban, “get it” so to speak.

“It’s the standard. It’s the expectation that we have,” Saban said.