Nick Saban often speaks on the state of college football, and he did it again this week with Paul Finebaum at the Regions Tradition golf tournament.

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“Everything in college football has always had parity,” Saban said. “Same scholarships, academic support, healthcare, whatever it is. I don’t think we have that balance right now, which could affect the parity of college football and college athletics as a whole. I know we’ve got a lot of good people working on it, so I’m sure they’ll come up with a good solution for us.”

Saban went on to add that while the NCAA faces criticism, because state laws have been passed, the NCAA has a difficult time if it doesn’t get protection from litigation, to enforce some of the rules. He referred to waivers received for players wanting to play immediately and not sit out a year.

“I think name, image and likeness is good for players,” Saban said, but added that collectives that raise money to pay players to go to a certain school is not good for the game.