Nick Saban was not happy as he jogged to midfield after Alabama’s 20-19 win over Texas on Saturday as at least one Alabama player appeared to give the “Horns Down” gesture toward the Longhorns. It appeared Henry To’o To’o gave the gesture, which Saban was asked about earlier in the week, and the coach said he would go over the issue with his team.

Alabama got a clutch performance from Bryce Young, as the Alabama quarterback drove the Crimson Tide into field goal range for a game-winning kick from Will Reichard after Texas took the lead with 1:29 remaining.

“Don’t do that shit,” Saban yelled at an Alabama player on the field.

All that came after Alabama, a 20-point favorite, appeared to be on the ropes. Texas bounced back from Quinn Ewers suffering a shoulder injury, and kicker Bert Auburn hit a 49-yard field goal to give Texas a 2-point lead. That came after Will Anderson Jr. delivered a sack to stop Texas’ drive. It was an 8-play, 44-yard drive that took 2:26 after Alabama was stopped on downs.

But Bryce Young began the drive with 1:24 remaining, and made several key plays, including a scramble where he ran for 20 yards, and stepped out of bounds at the Texas 17-yard line.

Texas acquitted itself well, but in the end, Alabama proved it has the clutch gene to pull out another victory.