The Alabama Crimson Tide picked up a huge win over Georgia 41-24 on Saturday night, cementing themselves as the class of the SEC.

After the game, coach Nick Saban let loose in the locker room after a stressful week that saw him test positive for COVID-19 before 3 subsequent negative tests cleared him to return to the sidelines on Saturday night.

After that emotional week, a clip of Saban dancing with players after the win went viral. On Monday, he addressed that clip with a great quote (via

“I love seeing the players have fun and enjoy themselves when they feel a sense of accomplishment,” Saban said. “Because we have a tremendous amount of respect for Georgia and the team they had and what it was going to take to have a chance to be successful against them, and they were just really excited and I was really happy to see them excited.”

He then continued, saying big wins over top teams like Georgia should always be treated as cause for celebration:

“We’ve won games around here where we go into the locker room and everybody just kind of — this is just what everybody expects,” Saban said. “And I hate that.

“I hate to see that. I think everybody should enjoy every win. They’re hard to come by. The expectation sometimes gets to be, well you’re Alabama and you’re supposed to beat this team and if you don’t beat them a certain way then that’s not good enough, and I don’t really think that’s fair to the players. These guys work hard. They put a lot into it. And I love to see them enjoy themselves when they have success. So I was very happy to see the players so happy.”

It’s nice to see that side of Saban every once in a while. His players certainly seemed to appreciate him joining in on the fun.