Nick Saban outlined what LSU was most effective with in the first half against LSU, as the Crimson Tide trailed 7-6 in Tiger Stadium.

Alabama had an interception in the first half, and the Tide mustered just 44 rushing yards, and the offense also suffered several dropped passes.

Alabama got a break late in the first half with a fumble that was reviewed and overturned.

Saban with Holly Rowe of ESPN at halftime explained how it unfolded for the LSU defense.

“They’re doing a lot of zone blitzing, bringing a guy off the edge, dropping a guy, getting into the windows of some of the RPOs,” Saban said. “We’ve got to be able to run the ball better so we don’t get into these long-yardage situations putting too much pressure on the quarterback.”

Saban also responded to a question about pressure on Bryce Young.

“He’s been effective, we’ve dropped a couple balls, we’re not getting away from people,” Saban said. “They’re dropping 8 guys, doing a good job of mixing it up, so we’ve got to give him some better options.