Nick Saban isn’t shifting his focus from preparing his team for the College Football Playoff with recruiting on everyone’s minds.

Alabama faces Michigan in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day. With the Early Signing Period taking place, it can be hard to focus on the Playoff. Saban understood that there’s pressure to recruit with the playoff looming.

“Our focus right now is on the game. We’re trying to get ready for a game. I know we’ve gotta recruit and we’re trying to recruit,” said Saban on Wednesday. “There’s a lot of guys in the portal. There are still some players out there that we’re recruiting, and we think are outstanding. We’re continuing to try to do the best job that we can in every regard, from coaching our players standpoint to trying to get quality players.”

Saban remembers when Early Signing Day became a thing in 2017. It has essentially moved up the timeline in recruiting, and he pointed to how that changed the calendar.

“When we made Early Signing Day a few years ago, we said that this would become the Signing Day. It’s also just moved the recruiting calendar up like 6 months. Most players visit in the summer, we used to have a ton of guys visit in January,” said Saban. “The whole thing is kinda just pushed forward, so I don’t know how to answer right now. There’s a just a lot of things that take our time, focus, and attention. Recruiting’s important, the game’s important, our team’s important. We’re trying to manage our time the best that we can to do a good job in all those areas.”