Another layer was added to the drama involving Paul Finebaum and Alabama coach Nick Saban on Wednesday.

As reported by, Saban suggested to Finebaum in a commercial-break rant at SEC Media Days that the arresting officers of Cam Robinson and Hootie Jones on May 17 were LSU fans and that the allegiance played a part in the arrest.

Here’s how framed the information:

Within earshot of media, Saban launched into a four-letter tirade directed at Finebaum. In it, he used his fingers to note the small amount of marijuana found in the car and insinuated the arresting officers were disgruntled LSU fans.

It ended with a few laughs from everyone on set as Saban exited.

It’s a juicy nugget, and it’s interesting to consider. Consider it another dynamic in the LSU-Alabama rivalry.