In the aftermath of a devastating injury, Alabama coach Nick Saban received some strong criticism for a comment he made on CBS.

When discussing the season-ending injury to Jaylen Waddle, Saban noted that the Crimson Tide standout ideally would not have been returning the opening kickoff.

“I hate it that [Waddle] gets hurt on a play like that. Not supposed to bring a ball out when he’s that deep in the end zone,” Saban said.

On social media, there was instant criticism of Saban’s “not supposed to bring a ball out” comment.

Saban does not tweet statements (official or Notes screenshots) as he’s not active on social media. His daughter, however, is quite active and engaged with the Alabama football community. On Sunday, Kristen Saban Setas responded in three tweets (one tweet has been deleted). She called the criticism “disappointing” and “ridiculous,” sharing that Saban is “absolutely devastated” about Waddle’s injury.