Notre Dame is currently listed as a 20-point underdog against Alabama in the upcoming College Football Playoff semifinal matchup.

If you were unaware, that’s the largest point spread in the history of the College Football Playoff.

So, needless to say, the Fighting Irish have a massive challenge in front of them heading into the Rose Bowl, which has been moved from Pasadena to Arlington.

Brian Kelly met with the media on Monday to discuss the matchup between his program and Alabama.

The way he put it, this Alabama team is everything we’ve all come to expect from a Nick Saban-led team.

“Well, from a defensive perspective, big and physical upfront, which is the model that they have built and Nick has built on defense,” Kelly said. “Certainly athleticism at the linebacker position, and probably the best corner that we’ve seen in Surtain – in all areas. Both corners are outstanding. Fundamentally sound in every area, they have all the answers in terms of what they want to do and they do it very, very well.

“I mean, it’s not, an overstatement to say that they’re well-coached. I know it sounds like coach-speak but they’re well-coached in all areas and what they do they do extremely well with really good football players. That falls back on us to be much better at what we do, and we have been during the year. We played 11 games and one of them wasn’t up to our standard, we’ll have to play up to our standard. In the games that we’ve played well, that won’t be the kind of execution we’ll need against an elite football team.”

If Notre Dame doesn’t play flawlessly, that 20-point spread may be covered at halftime.