Back in 2015, Alabama banned the popular “Dixieland Delight” song from being played at games due to some rather colorful lyrics added by the student section.

Fans have been clamoring for the song to return ever since, and it appears they’re getting their wish.

On Wednesday evening, Alabama AD Greg Byrne, Miss Terry Saban, Damien Harris and student body president Price McGiffert announced that the song would return for the homecoming game against Mizzou this weekend:

WATCH: Why Dixieland Delight was banned at Alabama

Of course, as mentioned in the video, the emphasis on “doing it right” implies that the students’ made-up additions to the lyrics still won’t be tolerated.

If the over/under was set at 1.5 weeks before the song gets banned again, I’d take the under. Prove me wrong, Alabama fans.

Following the announcement, Alabama fans took to social media, and you can read them here.