You know when the Denver Broncos took Patrick Surtain in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, that they were going to get a special player. The All-American and All-SEC player did not disappoint as he made his first start in a Broncos uniform.

Surtain made an unbelievable interception against Trevor Lawerence and the Jacksonville Jaguars. His athleticism on that play proved why the Broncos snatched him in the first round to help their defense and it’s already paying off for them.

Surtain probably took a great deal of satisfaction picking off Lawerence because the last time the two met, it was in the 2019 national championship game when Clemson defeated Alabama, 44-16. Both were freshmen at the time but Lawerence got the upper hand.

Looks like Surtain got the upper hand this go around.