New England Patriots offensive lineman Trent Brown has been played for quite a few quarterbacks since being drafted out of Florida in 2015. In his latest media session, Brown was asked about rookie teammate Mac Jones. The well-traveled Brown sees the potential for Jones to be special as a pro quarterback.

“I think he can be special,” Brown said when asked about Jones. “There’s a lot going on for him right now. This is a different ballgame and with Bill (Belichick’s) defense there’s a lot of moving parts out there. So he’s just gotta settle down and I think he’ll be all right.

“To be so young, I think he makes some throws that not a lot of young guys can make. I think it’s all about settling down, honestly, and knowing that you can still play the game. It’s still football. It’s a different level, yeah, but it’s still football.”

While Belichick has referred to Cam Newton as New England’s starting quarterback, Jones has generated a lot of buzz this offseason. The part about Jones making difficult throws is especially intriguing with preseason games starting up. Alabama fans will be excited to see the Heisman finalist in action soon.