Alabama went 14-1 in the 2018 season and is now 8-1 in 2019 following Saturday’s loss to LSU. While winning 22-of-24 is remarkable, those two losses are starting to stand out.

On Saturday night, Paul Finebaum tweeted about how it is back-to-back big game losses for the Crimson Tide coach.

“Nick Saban has now been schooled in his last two consequential games,” Finebaum wrote. “Not a good look for the GOAT.”

Being provocative is part of Finebaum’s duties as an ESPN talking head and talkshow host, but it’s hard to argue against his point that the mighty Saban is surprisingly on a losing skid now against top-four opponents.

We shall see if Saban gets a chance to redeem himself against another top-four team in the postseason.