After Alabama DL Da’Shawn Hand’s arrest for DUI, all eyes are on how Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban will handle disciplining one of his top players when Week 1 features a showdown with Florida State.

Paul Finebaum offered his take on ESPN’ SportsCenter Sunday, saying Hand must miss at least the FSU game.

“This is a very serious allegation. Driving under the influence, we all know the dangers of that,” Finebaum said. “This close to training camp, this close to the beginning of the season, I think this ought to be an automatic one-game suspension at a minimum. Instead, we’ll listen to Nick Saban nuance his words and work on internal issues and let the player help set the template. I don’t buy any of that. I think he ought to at least be gone for the Florida State game, and that’s only the biggest game of the season for Alabama.”

He also called out Saban for what he sees as mixed messages.

“He said that (Hand) did wrong, but he also said we have to gather more information. Well, how can you say one thing without doing the other?” Finebaum said. “This is Nick Saban, to me, at his weakest link. I think he’s been soft on discipline. I’m sure he would disagree. And in fact, he has, live on national television.”

Finebaum and Saban got into a very heated discussion at last year’s SEC Media Days about disciplinary matters.