Paul Finebaum was as concerned as most fans and media members about the Alabama Crimson Tide coming off last weekend’s loss at Tennessee.

But, when the Tide dominated Mississippi State on Saturday night, winning 30-6 and only giving up a late fourth-quarter touchdown to the Bulldogs, the SEC Network host was impressed.

During an appearance on SportsCenter on Sunday morning, Finebaum said Alabama showed much more composure against Mississippi State than it did on Rocky Top:

“They played with so much more composure at home. In Knoxville, a week earlier, they looked intimidated,” Finebaum said. “Nick Saban said they looked anxious and that showed. At home, I’m sure after a very difficult practice under Saban’s eye, they seemed to take a little more time with everything. They weren’t so rushing and going offsides, and ultimately, they got off to a great start. Some of that was helped by Mike Leach, who was simply making the wrong decision every time he went for it on fourth down or went for a field goal and missed. Everything went wrong, but ultimately, Alabama got through that. They have a bye week and get ready for the remainder of the schedule.”

After an off week, 2 more tough road tests await the Tide. On Nov. 5, they head to Death Valley to play LSU. The following Saturday, they go to Oxford to take on a tough Ole Miss squad.

Will Alabama fix its road woes? Or will this continue to be a tale of 2 teams — 1 that plays well in Tuscaloosa and another that struggles away from home?