One of the biggest questions raised both before and after the national championship was as to whether or not the Georgia Bulldogs would become the next dynasty team in college football.

And the team they would rise above by doing so is none other than the Alabama Crimson Tide. College football analyst Paul Finebaum is among those who view Alabama as being on a bit of a downward turn, but he wants to make it clear he’s not nearly as negative about the team as some have made him out to be.

“you guys want to talk about Nick Saban… how has he done without Kirby Smart as his defensive coordinator? Yeah, he beat Kirby Smart and then he won a title in COVID, but the program has slipped,” Finebaum said. “We’re not talking about falling off the face of the Earth, we’re talking about a fraction.”

It will be interesting to see how Alabama bounces back when it gets back to the football field — and especially how it fares against Georgia.