Paul Finebaum called it an overreaction to Nick Saban leaving Alabama, rather than expectations for Kalen DeBoer in recruiting.

“I don’t think people objectively looked at Kalen DeBoer,” Finebaum said during his regular Monday segment on WJOX and “McElroy and Cubelic In the morning.”

Finebaum called it a panic, and described DeBoer as one of the top coaches in the SEC, even on his worst day.

“We all reacted to it because we’re talking about Alabama being one of the top, one or 2 best programs in the country, the best in recruiting every year,” Finebaum said. “… I think things have corrected a little bit and I think getting (Ryan) Williams, it was significant, but it was also symbolic, and I think sometimes the symbolism of a new coach matters most, and everybody remembers the Julio Jones commitment. All of sudden people said, ‘Yeah, this guy is legitimate.'”

Co-host Greg McElroy added that it’s symbolic as “business as usual” for Alabama and landing top recruits.

McElroy then pivoted to DeBoer lacking Southern recruits and being able to recruit in the SEC.

“Every new coach usually has a period where mistakes are made, and even Nick Saban … he didn’t hit everything right the first year with his coordinators,” Finebaum said. “… I just think the problem, if there is going to be a problem, is compared to Saban. I don’t know. People keep saying, ‘Do you think Alabama’s a top 4 team?’ I have no idea right now because I really think we need to let this thing play out. Is Alabama a Playoff team? Of course, absolutely. There’s enough players on that team that will put them at the upper echelon of the SEC, but are they the best, are the 1B compared to Georgia. I think that’s all we’re trying to figure out right now.”