Alabama coach Nick Saban reporting that incoming QB Bryce Young has a name, image and likeness deal approaching $1 million has shaken up the college football world.

It is an eye-popping figure that only became possible on July 1st. Perhaps most surprising about is Young’s limited experience at Alabama. Last season, Young played in nine games during his first season and finished 13-of-22 passing for 156 yards and a touchdown.

ESPN analyst Paul Finebaum reacted to the financial development that Saban revealed at the Texas High School Coaches Association during an appearance with Matt Barrie on SportsCenter.

Did you ever think we’d be talking about the highest-paid college quarterback?

“No, not legally,” Finebaum said. “No matter what we say, we’re in unchartered territory. We’ve never been down this road before. I’ve talked to a lot of coaches privately here at media days who think this thing is going to blow up. Is that next year, is it the year after? With the transfer portal, and with the NIL, the college football model has been shattered, but how badly. And what Saban said yesterday in Texas that he didn’t want to talk about today is one of the most shocking things we have ever heard.”