Paul Finebaum continues to have a pulse on the Alabama program and its reaction from the narrow win over LSU, and perhaps more importantly, how the coaching staff views it.

Finebaum shared his views during his regular appearance on WJOX’s “McElroy and Cubelic In the morning” out of Birmingham, Alabama.

“I don’t think you would get a lot of meltdown here on Monday, Greg,” Finebaum said. “… I think they know they have challenges. But I don’t think they are looking at Saturday night as an abject disaster, they won the game. They beat LSU and I know this is a de-valued LSU team. But I couldn’t help but chuckle when I was hearing from some of my friends yesterday demanding several coaches to be fired. That 2 years ago, the same LSU team in the same place beat them and won the national championship. I’m well aware of everything that has transpired since then. I just think you have to move on.”

Alabama survived, and the defense, which is the most maligned aspect of this Alabama team, had some really good moments, Finebaum said.

“Especially Will Anderson, and if he had missed the game, I think we’d have a lot more to talk about today,” Finebaum said.