The Cleveland Browns suffered yet another loss during a 24-9 drubbing by the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, which kept them winless through 11 games in 2016.

Naturally, the Browns remain the NFL’s worst team, which continues the hypothetical discussion of how they’d fare against college football’s best team.

Many have compared top-ranked, defending national champion Alabama to Cleveland, with some even saying the Tide could beat the professional football team.

Now even Browns fans are starting to get in on the act. Rather than focus on the upcoming beatdown, a Cleveland showed off his “We Want Bama” sign prior to Sunday’s kickoff at FirstEnergy Stadium.

Many doubters of Alabama’s chances in the hypothetical matchup have explained that the Browns are a team full of professional athletes and former elite college standouts. So despite the majority of the Tide’s starting lineup will likely play on Sunday’s as well, it’s still seen by many as a ludicrous matchup.

Then again, the Browns would be fortunate to draft several Alabama players in next year’s draft. Perhaps that would improve the franchise’s fortune a bit.