In the media circus known as Jim Harbaugh’s satellite camp tour, the Michigan coach’s attire has become a story of its own. At an Atlanta camp, he sported the jersey of Braves legend Hank Aaron. In Baltimore, he managed to wear jerseys of both Orioles legend Cal Ripken and former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. The jersey of former 76er Allen Iverson was Harbaugh’s choice for Philadelphia.

Tuesday, Harbaugh was at South Alabama’s football camp in Mobile, Ala. His jersey pick for the camp was none other than Julio Jones, a former standout receiver for the Alabama Crimson Tide currently with the Atlanta Falcons.

While Jones, a native of Foley, Ala., fits Harbaugh’s “local legends” theme with his jersey picks, it sure seems like a lot more than a coincidence he’s wearing the name of an Alabama wideout while in the Yellowhammer state. Harbaugh and Nick Saban have been in a media back-and-forth since the Tide coach discussed the issue of satellite camps at length during the SEC spring meetings.

In this case, Saban and his staff should probably thank Harbaugh for promoting Alabama. Any wide receivers with NFL dreams at the South Alabama camp are reminded of a Crimson Tide product who is currently playing on Sundays.