In Alabama, an eight-point win is the equivalent of a 40-point loss at Kentucky or Vandy. But we’re here to help the restless Alabaman out there with their pain.

There are problems. Nick’s not happy. The media is way too nice, raining poisonous praise on his team. Thankfully, we’re here to help remind everybody that this team ain’t all that, a’ight?

If No. 1 Alabama falters, come back to this column, and we probably told you why right here. Because these are the 10 worst things we can say about Alabama this season.

1. (Lack of) Strength of schedule

In 2015, Alabama played nine teams then in the top 20 on their way to the CFP title game. In 2016, they played 10. In 2017, with Arkansas and Tennessee left on the schedule before November, Bama will head to November having played one. They’ll probably have three top 20 opponents pre-CFP (Auburn and Georgia, presumably), but there are many reasons that Bama has been head and shoulders above most of their opponents, and one is that the schedule is more like a Big Ten team than Alabama.

2. Passing game, schmassing game

Part of the Brian Daboll hire was to hopefully end up with Lane Kiffin’s passing game, but without the baggage — you know, Lane Kiffin.

The Tide are averaging 181 passing yards per game — good for 12th in the SEC.

The past five years at Alabama: 210 last year, then 227, 278, 248 and 218. Considering that when the Tide have struggled offensively, it’s been a lack of reliable passing, this doesn’t bode well. Maybe it’s because …

3. They might be playing the wrong quarterback

Jalen Hurts is a fine, fine player. He runs incredibly well, he is an excellent leader, but he’s not a pure drop-back passer.

Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

On the other hand, Tua Tagovailoa might be the best all-around passer in the SEC. Admittedly, Hurts is proven in the clutch, and Alabama is 19-1 with him under center. But if Alabama stumbles, many will wonder if Saban didn’t get conservative with his quarterbacks and let experience trump pure, astounding skill.

4. They have robbed us of super-back

The Heisman Trophy race should be over. What if the top team in the country had a running back who, in six games, had 168 carries, 1,078 yards and 12 touchdowns? They do.

The problem is that it’s actually four backs, and those are the combined totals of Damien Harris, Bo Scarbrough, Najee Harris and Josh Jacobs. Admittedly, much like the quarterbacks, Saban is trying to keep a stable of 5-star guys happy. But the lack of a single back who is “The Man” increases the possibility of the team scrambling in the CFP, trying to figure out who gets the carries. Late last year, it was Scarbrough. This year, Damien Harris has been the best of the bunch. But if you’ve got four halfbacks, you kind of have no halfbacks.

5. Who is the other receiver?

We all know about Calvin Ridley. But who else catches the ball? In 2016, the Tide had ArDarius Stewart (54 catches, 864 yards, 8 TDs) or O.J. Howard (45/595/3). In 2017? After Ridley, six games into the season, not including Scarbrough’s 10 catches, the next best receiver is freshman Jerry Jeudy (131 receiving yards is second on the team). Ridley is a game-changer, but Alabama struggled after he went out with an injured leg Saturday.

CFP opponents will have at least one shut-down DB. Who will step up?

6. The run defense is … well, human

Part of what made Alabama imposing the past two years was a brutal run defense. In 2015, they allowed 76 yards per game and 2.4 yards per carry. Last season, even better at 64 yards per game, 2.0 yards per carry.

This season? Given the early slate, Bama should be well below those numbers. Instead, it’s already given up the most yards in a game (144 to Colorado State) that an any point last year.

Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Given that LSU, Mississippi State, Auburn, Georgia, and one or two CFP teams lurk on the remaining schedule, it’s safe to say Alabama’s run defense will be something more like a normal football team in 2017 than it has been.

7. The kicking game is not so great

In 2016, with a decent but hardly great kicking game, Alabama missed seven field goals. In 2017, they’ve missed five already. Alabama is seventh in the SEC in field goal accuracy. If the Tide have a game riding on a kick, they’re probably not feeling terribly confident about it.

8. The punting has been worse

Senior J.K. Scott has been a first-team and a third-team All-American. You wouldn’t know it this year. Scott has gone from 47.2 yards per kick last season to 38.5 this year. Situations can impact average, somewhat, only Alabama has allowed just one of its 20 punts to be returned, for a whopping 3 yards. (Sorry, Nick, back to the negative …)

But Scott had a 9-yard punt against FSU and a 19-yarder against A&M. He also gave up a block to A&M (which doesn’t feature in Scott’s stats) which felt unprecedented. But Scott has been hit and miss, and it could burn the Tide.

9. Sleepy halves

Alabama is too good to have some of the halves of football it has put together this season. Don’t tell Nick, but, frankly, the Tide can coast against 95 percent of teams, but the warning signs are halves that aren’t dominated. Because you string two of those suckers together and it’s “Good night, Alabama” in the SEC title game or the CFP. Maybe in the Iron Bowl. A couple of offenders so far:

  • Outscored 16-10 in second half by Texas A&M.
  • Won second half against Colorado State 17-13.
  • Won second half against Fresno State 13-7.

Of course this happens because …

10. They’re a team of 18-22 year old kids

When Nick Saban gets frustrated, it’s because there’s an essential fact hidden behind the Tide’s occasional missteps and omissions. These guys are still kids. They can be immature. They can lose focus in a one-sided game. They can be distracted easier than, say, the Miami Dolphins.

This is what makes college football great. If it’s a talent matchup, we could hand Bama the trophy.

But it isn’t, and the game between the ears hasn’t really been played yet. Which is what keeps Nick worrying and grumbling … and that should be the main thing that convinces Tide fans that it ultimately will be a’ight.