Former Alabama linebacker Reggie Ragland was letting his new Chiefs teammate, former Georgia wide receiver Mecole Hardman, hear it in the locker room.

Alabama has sent out care packages to its former players for a long time now, and apparently Ragland isn’t fond of Georgia copying the idea. In an Instagram story, Ragland walked up to Hardman’s locker and started joking about the Georgia box.

“Georgia wants to be like us so bad,” Ragland said on Instagram. “Isn’t that right, Mecole? Y’all want to be like us so bad with the box. Man, that’s crazy.”

“Coach Smart came from there, man,” Hardman responded.

Ragland shot back, “That don’t matter. He has to find something else.”

Even in NFL locker rooms, college football talk still rules. The Crimson Tide and Bulldogs are creating a nice little rivalry, and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the two played again for the SEC Championship or in the College Football Playoff.

Kirby Smart was groomed by Nick Saban, and it only makes sense that with the success Alabama has had, other teams would use its methods. It’s all in good fun, but at the rate that Smart and Georgia will likely put players in the NFL, they better have a nice size budget for it.

The Arms Race of college football never ends.