In the leadup to the 2019 NFL Draft, next week in Nashville, there has been a lot of speculation about Kyler Murray being the potential No. 1 pick. At least some executives, however, consider his College Football Playoff semifinal opponent Quinten Williams to be the best player available in the 2019 draft.

Long-time Green Bay Packers beat writer Bob McGinn recently polled 14 NFL personnel who their top pick would be in the upcoming draft. Six responded Williams.

It’s obviously a very small sample size, but it does fit with the recent reports of teams looking to trade up for Williams, who will likely go in the top five.

With reports that the Arizona Cardinals are leaning toward not drafting Murray at No. 1 overall, it’s fun to speculate what that might mean for Williams. San Francisco picks second followed by the New York Jets at No. 3. The New York Giants, with picks Nos. 6 and 17, recently visited with Williams.