Rick Neuheisel understands that the Big Ten and SEC move the needle, which is why they both consistently make the College Football Playoff.

Neuheisel appeared on the The Dan Patrick Show on Monday to discuss the Playoff.

If the SEC and Big Ten don’t get in, they have the power “to take their ball and go home,” in Neuheisel’s words.

“Here’s my point: My point is that the Big Ten and SEC are always gonna get in because they move the needle television-wise,” said Neuheisel. “It’s nothing that’s discussed in the meeting room. I don’t think anyone sits there and goes, ‘Well these 2 are in.’ They have to be in because they can take their ball and go home.”

Neuheisel was there when the Playoff was being floated around as an idea. Conference champions making the Playoff was always a huge talking point.

“I was there when the College Football Playoff was being discussed. It was adamant amongst many of the commissioners that the 4 had to be conference champions,” said Neuheisel. “Michigan as the Big Ten (champion) has to be where they are. Alabama as the SEC champ has to be in. By virtue of Texas’ victory over Alabama, they’re in as well.”